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Using Our Platform​

Here is a step by step video guides on how to use our platform

How to create a new user

How to add a course

how to edit your student profile

how to enter a course you have enrolled in

how to navigate through the course

how to learn about each course before enrolling

how to navigate through your student dashboard

Pick a course

Browse our course list to find something that you’d like to learn about. We have courses in a diverse range of subjects and are always adding more.

Introduce yourself

After creating an account, you can fill in your profile page. You can find your profile in the menu on the top right of the screen.

Start the course

Once you enroll in the course, it will appear on Your courses dashboard. Press on the course to start learning.

To do

LIA courses are divided into sections. These contain various activities that you should aim to complete within the course, each one built from a sequence of straightforward steps

Videos, audio and articles

You can learn by watching videos, listening to audio and reading articles. Many of these steps are followed by short quizzes to help you check that you have understood.


Every article, video or piece of audio has a space to allow learners to comment and ask questions. This appears below the step content.

Mark as complete

There is a button at the end of each step that allows you to mark it as complete. By the end of the course you will be able to generate your course certification.


Every so often, you’ll come across a discussion step, where you’ll be given a topic to talk over with fellow learners. Talking about ideas is a really great way to learn and consolidate information, so give it a go, even if you find it daunting!


Want to find out what everyone is talking about right now? Go to the course activity page to see what questions you can help answer and which topics are under debate.


Once you start commenting, you’ll probably get replies from other learners. You’ll see these on the replies page. You’ll also get email notifications, so that you never miss a reply.


Spotted somebody that is making interesting points and asking great questions? Press the ‘Follow’ button on their profile page and you can filter the discussions to include the people you’re most interested in.


Many activities will include a quiz, a moment to pause and check how well you’ve understood the key points from the previous video or article before moving on.


You will be able to take tests. Tests work in much the same way as quizzes but tests are scored and are limited to three tries. These count towards your overall mark and are designed to test your knowledge.

Completing the course

When you’ve finished your course, you’ll receive a digital certificate to help you demonstrate your learning.

Choose the next course

Learning is contagious: we believe you'll find the LIA experience so enjoyable that you'll be eager to enroll in another course before completing the first one!

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