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Are you interested in earning a steady commission of up to £100 per transaction, all while assisting learners across the globe in achieving their objectives? Become a part of the London Intercultural Academy Affiliate Marketing Program now.
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Recurring commission up to £100 per transaction

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Variety of plans and courses to earn from

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Ongoing promotions and discounts

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How our Affiliate Marketing Program works​

Our Affiliate Marketing Program offers a fantastic chance for you to collaborate with us. Simply fill out the application form and we’ll reach out to you. Your task is to spark interest in our Online Courses and guide individuals towards our platform, you will have your own promotional code and discounts to attract your audience. For every successful transaction, you could earn up to £100.


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Joining Our Affiliate Marketing Program is Easy

professional development courses

Fill in the application form

professional development courses

Affiliate screening process

professional development courses

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What we are looking for?

Affiliates who share our mission and values, and provide opportunities for mutual beneficial growth. We consider every affiliate application from content creators, bloggers, influencers, coupons cash backs/Deals/Loyalty sites and sub-affiliate networks. To join our program you need to fulfil the following requirements

Channel Active and established

To be our affiliate partner, you must have a well-established and active channel that generates revenue, such as a website, blog, or social media page.

Consistent Reach

You need an established channel with consistent traffic, followers, and engagement to be our affiliate partner. Your website must have 5k monthly visitors, social media pages must have 1k followers, and all channels should be active, engaging, and contain high-quality content.

Relevant Audience

To ensure both parties’ success, we evaluate your audience’s fit with our courses. Understanding your audience´s needs and interests is crucial for determining the best fit and maximising your potential as an affiliate partner.

Aligned Brand

LIA aligns its brand with affiliate partners and provides support in the form of campaign assets to help publishers make successful affiliate sales. Maintaining brand coherence is crucial.

Frequently Asked Questions

London Intercultural Academy (LIA) is a global educational institution based in London, United Kingdom, offering over 400 certified online courses and programs with a mission to promote quality education on a global scale

Each of our affiliate partners is provided with a tracking link and/or promo code that includes an identifier for their website/page/name. Any bookings made using this affiliate ID will be credited to the partner, enabling them to receive a commission.

We are paying you for every converted lead. Taking into consideration that every converted lead needs to be analysed and that there is a legal cool-off period, we will pay the commission 30 days after the conversion takes place (i.e. after the payment is charged to the student credit card).

When you sign up to our affiliate programme, you will be able to access highly detailed and advanced reporting to monitor your performance. This will ensure that you can optimise, increase conversion and achieve your affiliate business goals.

No bidding on branded/trademarked terms
  • No bidding on derivatives of branded/trademarked terms
  • No bidding on broad-match based on branded/trademarked terms
  • No bidding on competitors based on branded/trademarked terms

No, signing up to our affiliate programme is free!

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